Post Viral Fatigue

Welcome to my website

I was diagnosed with post viral fatigue 3 years ago in 2006, this is an illness also known by other names such as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, ME, CFS and Chronic

Fatigue Syndrome. I have setup this site to document my experience with the illness and more importantly to detail how I got well again. Its designed for people who have been to thier GP convinced they were dying and have been told they probably have this, anyone like me would immediately go home and google "post viral fatigue"

If you are reading this because you're looking for hope then let me provide it for you. You WILL recover. I did. But it will take time, and sad to say the duration of these illnesses is usually measured not in weeks or months but in years.

I am approaching 3 years now and I am 99% recovered. Another year and i'm pretty sure it will be 100%. In these pages i'll tell you what i've learned about the illness along the way, what works and what doesn't work

Everyday will get easier, and one day you will be better, remember that.

The best place to start is probably the onset page. My view on the cause of post viral fatigue can be found here

NEW! I'm pleased to annouce our new Forum which has gone live today. I've put this up to hopefully make it easier to communicate.

Of course ill still answer any emails, and thanks to those people who have emailed me

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