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What causes post viral fatigue?

How did I get this?

I believe, both from the research i've done and my own experience that a combination of factors are involved in triggering this illness. It almost definetely begins with a viral infection of some kind which the immune system attacks. For most of the population that would be the end of it, but for people subseptable to post viral fatigue it doesn't stop there, the virus is eliminated but we are left with this strage after illness for years to come.

I believe the following factors play a part, they certainly did in my case:

High pressure and stressful job
Poor diet
Very little exercise
Lack of sleep (less than 6 hours per day)
High alcohol intake
Use of recreational drugs (and the associated late nights)
Pollution and environmental toxins

I believe a lot of what makes certain people prone to the condition is basically not looking after yourself.