How to Clear Past Life Karma

We have many previous existences and one of the reasons, in our current lifetime, is to clear the Karma related with these previous existences. By and large, ‘side effects’ or ‘occasions’ in our day to day existence will mean a particular previous existence that is introducing – to be cleared. Assuming you pick you can feature this previous existence and in doing as such, you will determine the issue that is causing you disharmony in your current framework.

Contemplation, being one of the most outstanding approaches to the ‘higher fields’, is the best method for clearing any previous existence issues.

Setting up the Brain

Imagine an Extraordinary Being that you feel major areas of strength for a.

Summon this Assurance supplication
1. Put your hands on your heart
a. Say: for the sake of our Maker of all that is, I summon for Divine assistance, Divine assurance and Heavenly mending.
2. Hang tight for a More profound association with Higher Soul

Reflection – Section 1

3. Quietly Summon:
a. Maker of all that is I wish to accept your splendid white light and direction.
4. Imagine the Makers white light coming from a higher place and entering your body through the crown chakram.
5. See the light emerging through the bottoms of the feet and going to the focal point of earth. As you imagine this ‘vibe’ the association with the Maker and with the Earth Mother.
6. Sit tight for the further association with the Earth Mother – truly imagine it and focus on how you feel.
7. The light from the Maker descends one section and travels through the core of the youngster through the bottoms of the feet to the Mother. It then, at that point, gets back from the earth through another equal segment.

When you become acclimated to doing this it will require a couple of moments yet for the present take as much time as is needed. In the event that you simply say these guidelines yet don’t hold back to see what’s going on the clearing won’t work.
You genuinely should accept you are doing this and you have confidence and confidence in the Maker’s light.

8. When you see you can feel the white light surrounding you say:
a. “Where there is light, there is no haziness.” x 3 to multiple times
9. Put your hands down.

Contemplation – Section 2

10. Picture yourself drifting in space
11. See a lift entryway – go to entryway and when prepared see the entryway open and head inside.
12. You are currently in your own lift made from a splendid gold tone.
13. Quietly say:
a. With the authorization that is given to me by God I request to be taken securely to the Maker’s light.
14. Feel the lift moving and when prepared see the entryways open and get out of the lift.
Contemplation – Section 3 Seeing the Previous existence

15. Put your right hand to your left side shoulder.
16. Quietly say:
a. With the consent that is given to me by the Maker, I unassumingly request to be demonstrated the huge previous existence that should be settled.
17. Witness the previous existence – this is vitally significant – you need to observe what is displayed to you.
18. If it’s not too much trouble, recollect the Maker is accomplishing basically everything – you are simply seeing the cycle.

Reflection – Section 4 Getting free from the Negative Lines

19. Request that the Maker take out the energy connects that are causing side effects in your substantial framework.
20. Quietly say:
a. Maker of all that is if it’s not too much trouble, resolve this previous existence issue that is causing me antagonism in my current life-time.
b. Cherished Maker if it’s not too much trouble, assist me with settling the adverse issues from this previous existence for my most elevated and best great.
21. Now…Wait and witness the interaction.
22. Try not to endeavor to do it without anyone’s help – this is the Maker’s work, so keep a watch out the thing the Maker is doing about this.
23. You will be aware assuming you actually have clearing to be finished, you will feel it in your heart.
24. Pause – witness don’t rush – this is where the recuperating is finished.
25. Trust in the Maker’s energy and the work that is being finished by the Maker.
26. This energy might be diverted through the Bosses or your Profound Direction.
27. At the point when you feel the work has been finished – center around your heart.
28. Yet again now see the Lift entryways
29. Put your give over.

Contemplation – Section 5 Purifying of all the body frameworks

30. See the lift entryway open – and before you there is a pool of splendid white fluid energy. Hop or fall into this pool and feel yourself totally submerged in this fluid white light.
31. Spend as long as you need in this light – swimming, moving, shaking, purging.
32. Quietly say:
Where there is light, there is no obscurity.
Where there is light, there can be no obscurity.
I’m Light.
33. Truly feel all the murkiness in your framework being filtered out, so not a hint of obscurity is left.
34. At the point when prepared say:
a. “Cherished Maker if it’s not too much trouble, send me back to my ongoing life.”
35. Lift entryway opens

How to Clear Past Life Karma
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